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Wild Clover Brewery

SIGNATURE RECIPIES: Goan fish Curry served with steamed rice

Reuben paired his dish (above) with the following Wild Clover beers:
Eagle Weiss Fruity Belgian Wit
Blind Mole Crispy German Pils
Double Owl English Brown Ale
Black Dog Smokey Irish Porter

Wild Clover Brewery
Wild Clover Brewery
Wild Clover Brewery
Wild Clover Brewery

Eagle Weiss Fruity Belgian Wit

We brew our Eagle Weiss in the style
of a wheat beer (also called Weiss).
Traditionally a wheat beer is normally
an Ale, whereas our Wit is brewed as
a Lager, ensuring a light easy drinking
beer that appeals to men and women
alike. Our Eagle Weiss has the typical
fruity character of a Weiss beer, with
a strong banana undertone. It is served
very cold and with slightly higher
OG: 1.050
IBUs: 18
FG: 1.01
SRM: 11
ABV: 4.3%

Blind Mole Crispy German Pils

The Blind Mole is a light, refreshing and
crispy Lager style for those hot, long lazy
summer days. Brewed with the wellknown
Saaz hops this beer reveals fresh
tropical flavours and has a slight but
well-balanced bitterness that stimulates
the palate. The Blind Mole has a higher
level of carbonation than our other beers
and is at its best when served very cold.
OG: 1.050
IBUs: 28
FG: 1.013
SRM: 9
ABV: 4.8%

Double Owl English Brown Ale

Our flagship beer is the Double Owl,
an English style Brown Ale. The malt
and hops used in this beer is in perfect
balance and the nose reveals a fresh
citrus character. On the palate it has
the typical nuttiness of the hops and the
yeast that will linger for quite some time
after the last sip of this perfectly brewed
artisan ale.
OG: 1.060
IBUs: 30
FG: 1.013
SRM: 31
ABV: 5.5%

More Information

Wild Clover Brewery started off as a home brew hobby in 2008 by Brew Master Ampie Kruger. The idea of turning it into a business was shaped with co-owner Karel Coetzee during July 2010. We then actively started to develop our recipes and early in 2011 we started to search for a place to set up our brewery. We found a wonderful site at Wild Clover Farm (on the R304 near Stellenbosch) and later that year we applied for our brewer’s license. During October 2011 we moved into our newly renovated premises on the farm and started setting up the brewery. We finally received our brewer’s license in September 2012 and opened officially for business on the 1st of September 2012.

Our beer brewing vision at Wild Clover Brewery is simple: to make pure, authentic handcrafted (artisanal) beer using traditional and natural brewing methods and quality ingredients. This vision supports our back-to-the-roots life philosophy. We currently produce a Belgian Wit, a German Pils, an English Brown Ale and an Irish Porter.

Wild Clover Brewery

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